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Video Games
British RP

Tanis Clark,
Voiceover Artist

Children's Voices
Corporate Commerical Narration

Canadian, American US + British UK English Accents

eLearning Training

In the wondrous realm of voiceover artistry, my mission unfolds as a symphony of swiftness and sophistication. Behold, for I am your princess of sonic delights, ready to bestow upon you rapid and exemplary voiceover services. Prepare to bask in the glory of pristine audio, fit for the grandest of broadcasts, all achieved with a flourish of seamless ease. Your visionary project shall sprout wings and take flight in the blink of an eye, as I weave my siren's call to ensure your journey is as delightful as a breeze on a summer's morn.


Your Voiceover Expert

Greetings, fellow Earthlings and digital denizens! 🎙️✨ As a bonafide human voice over conjurer, I delight in stepping into my enchanted recording booth and weaving auditory tales that make unicorns and AI jealous. Think of me as your personal voice-over virtuoso, turning mundane words into captivating spells that tickle the ears and nudge the mind towards action.

Ever heard a character in a video game or animation sound like they just met a talking pineapple? That was probably me, channeling my inner voice artist sorceress. But hold your applause! I'm not just your average voice talent. I'm the Galadriel of eLearning, the McGonagall of employee training, and the Endora of commercials, be they broadcast, podcast or dancing around on YouTube like a caffeine-fueled squirrel. 

Got a hankering for an explainer video that leaves viewers more captivated than a cat chasing a laser pointer? Or perhaps a corporate narration piece that makes your human website visitors nod in agreement faster than you can say "abracadabra"? Look no further, dear seeker of sonic delight, for I'm here to sprinkle my enchanting human voice into your projects. I'm not just a non-robotic voice actor; I'm the magical bridge between your ideas and your audience's ears.

Let's join forces, fight the robots and create auditory adventures that resonate like a perfectly tuned tuning fork in the hearts of all who hear. Trust in my mystical vocal prowess as your voice actor to be your auditory ally in this grand journey of storytelling and engagement. Together, we shall conquer the airwaves and digital realms, one mesmerizing soundwave at a time. 🎧🔮 #VoiceFairyExtraordinaire #makevomagichappen

I have you covered A-Z for your Voiceover Production

Corporate Narration- Explainers - IVRs

Web explainer video narration,
IVR system voice,
Social media posts 

eLearning Tutorials and Training

For schools, corporations, online learning centers in need of a warm, authoritative and kind voice to teach their students and keep them engaged.

Character Acting -
Games and Animation

 I've got you covered,

from wild and wacky to serious to over the top anime type characters

Documentary & Film Narration

I love a good documentary and film but I enjoy narrating for them even better.  

Voiceover Coaching

Audiobook Narrator

I will be your one on one voiceover coach
30 mins to 1 hr sessions available

Children's book to science, medical, legal, text books, romance and science fiction, I'm your Bard.

Professional Home Voice Over Studio

  • Professional Home Voice Over Studio

  • Double Walled Sound Booth

  • Microphones:  SM7B and Neuman TLM

  • Cloudlifter

  • Adobe Audition, ProTools and Sound Forge Studio17 DAWs

  • Source Connect Standard, Session Link Pro, ipDTL, Whereby, Skype, Discord

My Voice-over booth interior design and set up
Yostar Games

It's our first time to work with Tanis. I must say that Tanis is very professional and considerate. She's proficient for many different roles. We love her versatile voice and performance very much! In terms of communication, everything just went as smoothly as it could be! Excellent collaborative experience! :D

Grateful to Work With these Brands

Tencent Games Logo
Mutan Games
ALERJ logo
University of Oxford Elearning Voice over
Playstation Video Games Logo
Unilever - Voiced TV Commericals
McDonalds - Ronald McDonald House PSA Video Narration

Easy as1-2-3, Magic 

Are you itching to let your message burst forth like confetti in the ears of your audience? Got a tale that's been tapping its foot impatiently, waiting for its moment in the spotlight? Or maybe a course that's whispering, "Narrate me!"? And let's not forget that video game or animation character who's in dire need of a voice with a splash of attitude. Whether it's a pulse-pounding game, a plot-twisting animation, a polyglot localization, a show-stopping commercial, employee enlightenment, or a brand story extravaganza, I'm your voice over audio fairy who turns getting a voice over into a spell as easy as saying 1-2-3! 🎙️🪄

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