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All Natural Voiceovers via connection open session link pro and source connect
All Natural Voiceovers via connection open session link pro and source connect
Tanis in the studio saying hi as she works on another character voiceover


A wee 5ft 3″ Ontario born and raised Canadian girl who is the type of lady who thinks things out load, gets answers and strives to make people happy even in their darkest hours. I have always had a passion for books, music, magic, fantasy and sci-fi. As a creative Aquarius, it’s pretty natural I entered the voice over world because in school I loved vocal and English classes but not so much the boring math and science! I graduated in London, UK having studied voice over and acting, characterization, audiobook production and corporate reads. The first few jobs I did were actually IVR Phone Systems, whiteboard – explainer video narrations and video game characters.

Since I was little I loved diving into the magical fantasy worlds of Disney – Pixar and Anime English Dubs by Funimation. These companies and their amazing characters bring such enjoyment and strong connection to their audiences and THAT is what inspires me to do more, be better and create for the world! Take the basis of the character – a pic, bio, backstory and scene setup – plug all that into my mind theatre and out they Pop! To me, being vocally creative is freedom of being able to depart part of myself to a character that connects with people, engaging them to learn, laugh, cry or listen to a brand story. It is a truly special and amazing part of the human experience that connects us all. Now, the voice over industry may be vast, however, my niches are character acting, e-learning, audiobooks and business. Clients have said working with me is “perfect in every way”, “phenomenal” and “an amazing voice with unique talent”. I can’t wait for you to experience that too when we work together.

Admittedly I can be a workaholic. So I’ve learned that we all need to take a little more time for ourselves and our families; to recharge and centre our energies so that the best can be given to others in the world. As such, in my “off time”, Sundays, I’m an avid video gamer, cook and mom to Princess Bella the VOStudioPup and my two girls. One thing that not too many people know about me is that I truly love voicing snarky, wacky, intelligent heroines; crazy cute little kids and deep sexy villains. Despite that, my friends describing me as loving, warm and passionate. I prefer to be behind the mic and being free to let all sides of me roam the airwaves, not just the nice ones. Mwahahaha! The Friendly voices are saved for the business projects though. Oh you lot are in trouble now. Let me be your voice of choice and we’ll make it great together!


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