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Voice Overs in 123, Simple

Getting a voice over done doesn’t have to be a hard, long drawn out process. Here it’s as easy as:

1. Contact me with your script and direction

2. I voice and return same day to 24 hours

3. Rinse and Repeat your success!

Yes, it really is that simple. Contact me today and let’s get some work done.

Need an audition for team approval? Click the button below …..

You are covered A-Z for your Voice over Projects

Web explainer video narration,
IVR system voice,
Social media posts 

Education, Tutorials and Training

For schools, corporations, online learning centers in need of a warm, authoritative and kind voice to teach their students and keep them engaged.

 I've got you covered,

from wild and wacky to serious to over the top anime type characters

I love a good documentary and film but I enjoy narrating for them even better.  

I will be your one on one voiceover coach
30 mins to 1 hr sessions available

Children's book to science, medical, legal, text books, romance and science fiction, I'm your Bard.

professional voice microhone and recording set up

Why Get Your Voice Over with a Professional Talent?

A seasoned and professionally trained female voice talent!


Diverse Expertise

Specializing in Character Acting for Video Games, Animations, ADR, Dub Localization, and Mocap, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical precision to every project. Whether you're in need of a compelling character voice or a trusted brand ambassador, my versatile skills have got you covered.


Prompt Delivery

Time is of the essence, and I understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines. Offering same day/next day delivery, I ensure that your project progresses seamlessly, allowing you to meet your timelines without compromising on quality.


Accent Mastery

Versatility is my forte. Whether it's  American, British UK, Canadian, or a Neutral accent, I bring authenticity to each performance. From male and female child voices to teens and adult females, I capture the nuances that make your script come alive.


Trusted Voice

With a track record as a trusted brand voice for corporations, eLearning initiatives, radio/TV productions, and films, I bring reliability and professionalism to every collaboration. Your project isn't just another task; it's an opportunity to create something extraordinary together.


Global Collaboration:

Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do.


24/7 Support

In our interconnected world, I embrace the beauty of diversity and happily collaborate with clients from every corner of our global village. No project is too big or too small—I'm here to turn your vision into a mesmerizing audio experience.

As a dedicated full-time professional voice talent, I take pride in lending my voice to esteemed brands, corporations, educational institutions, game developers, and animation specialists. My commitment lies in enhancing your productions with unparalleled voice overs, contributing to the success of your diverse projects.

My expertise spans a wide spectrum, from engaging e-learning courses and training videos to seamlessly integrated corporate IVR systems. I bring life to your brand on various platforms, including business websites, social media channels like YouTube, podcasts, and explainer videos. Additionally, my narration skills extend to documentary films, and I immerse myself in character acting for video games and animation projects.

In every collaboration, each client is cherished, and my dedication knows no bounds. Your success is my mission, and I consider us a cohesive team working in tandem to ensure your company's triumphant presence in the world.

 Discover the power of the human voice. Explore the possibilities, and let's record an audio experience that resonates with your audience.

Ready to elevate your project? I'm just a message away!

Yostar Games

It's our first time to work with Tanis. I must say that Tanis is very professional and considerate. She's proficient for many different roles. We love her versatile voice and performance very much! In terms of communication, everything just went as smoothly as it could be! Excellent collaborative experience! :D

Professional Voice Over Studio

  • Professional Home Voice Over Studio

  • Double Walled Bear Cave Sound Booth

  • Microphones:  SM7B and Neuman TLM

  • Cloudlifter

  • Adobe Audition, Sound Forge Studio17 DAWs

  • Source Connect Standard, Session Link Pro, ipDTL, Whereby, Skype, Discord

View inside the doorway
Inside Booth 2
Inside booth 1
Bella's Director Couch and Baron Bunny
BearCave Sound Booth Exterior Entry Door
Booth Door
RAW Studio Sample
Source Connect Standard Studio.png

Let's Talk about Your Project

Let’s make it a super simple process to get your voice over done today.  Put my voice to work on your training course narration, creating that promotion for your television, radio or web commercial, engaging the world with your story or getting that wacky game character a fitting voice today! 

Thanks for submitting!

Honored and Grateful to Work With these Amazing Brands

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