Audiobook Production

Traditional Narration

Female narrator performing narration and all character voices

Duo Male & Female Narrators

This works for duo POV books or female narration & male actor

Children’s Productions

Narration, character voices, sound effects all included for children’s productions.

Full Cast Audio books

One narrator and multiple professional voice actors performing your novel.

What is the Audiobook Production Process?

We are a Team: Writer and Narrator

Your novel is a labor of your creative love. You have poured your heart and soul into the creation of your world, the characters and their adventures or the information you wish to convey. As such you want to ensure that your book’s audio production is top shelf and created to the highest standards possible. When you work with Tanis Voiceover, we are a dynamic creative team working in tandem to make sure the audio book version of your novel is error free and highly engaging for your fans.

We work together to produce your audio book

As an author working with me as your narrator in the production your audio book version, you should know how we create a successful audiobook together. This way, you are ready at each stage to work together copacetically. Below you will find the stages in which we, author and narrator, will create your masterpiece:

  1. Send script for voicing
  2. First chapter is voiced and sent to you for review, critique & character direction, if any. *note: these review files are not publish ready yet
  3. Remainder of book is voiced and sent to you for your review.
  4. Author reviews audio book in full, provides change requirements including:
    1. file name (example: Chapter 2)
    2. time stamp of error (example: 1:23)
    3. description of error and change required
      (example: you said “make it”, should be “take it”)
    4. Full example of your notes would be:
      Chapter 2 @ 1:23 narration says “make it”, should be “take it”
  5. Changes are then made, files remixed to required standards ( ACX / Audible or your chosen platform) and returned to the writer.
  6. We upload all files to ACX or you to your chosen platform for publication. If this is ACX they will advise you of your approval and go live date.
    **(currently ACX /Audible is about 30-60 days behind in approvals and I have no control over that for you unfortunately.)
  7. SUCCESS! Now let’s market your audio book together and let your fans enjoy!
  8. On to your next novel’s audiobook creation….

Still have questions my dear Author?
Your Bard is at Thy Service….

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