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Tanis clark voice artist

Welcome to Tanis Voiceover Ltd. – Your Premier Voice Over Partner

We believe in the power of voices to convey emotion, captivate audiences, and tell compelling stories. Our journey is guided by a profound "Why" – a purpose that goes beyond the realms of professional aspirations. It centers around the heartwarming tale of Princess Bella, a resilient 2lb pup born with a porto-systemic liver shunt.

Against the odds, Princess Bella has defied expectations, transforming from a diagnosis-laden narrative to a thriving, treat-loving, Razor-barking, four-year-old dynamo. Her presence is the catalyst that propels our dedication to excellence in the realm of voice over.

Our founder, Tanis, shares an unbreakable bond with Princess Bella, embarking on every endeavor side by side. Together, they navigate the world of voice over, working tirelessly day and night to ensure not only the success of each client but also the longevity and joy in Bella's life.

In the pursuit of delivering top-notch voice over services, Tanis continuously invests in upgrading her voice and acting skills, training, and studio equipment. Each client engagement is approached with a commitment to fulfill their unique vision, and beyond that, to contribute to the happiness and well-being of Princess Bella.

As a voice over client, you are not just partnering with a voice over professional; you are becoming a part of a narrative fueled by passion, purpose, and the indomitable spirit of a tiny pup who has taught us that every challenge can be met with resilience and joy.

Join us on this journey, where professionalism meets heart, and where every success story is a testament to the unwavering commitment to quality, creativity, and the enduring love for Princess Bella.

What do when I’m not in the booth?

  • I travel Teyvat  with Princess Bella. I’m an avid Gamer of Genshin Impact. Geo is my Favorite. I’m a Ningguang / Zhongli Main and Bella is a Razor main.
    In fact, my goal is to voice for Mihoyo within the Hoyoverse! 

  • As I’m Celiac, I can be found reading labels a lot and cooking goodies at home and in game 

I truly love voicing snarky, wacky, intelligent heroines; crazy cute little boys and girls, deep sexy villains and creatures of all shapes and sizes. I prefer to be behind the mic and being free to let all sides of me roam the airwaves, not just the nice ones. Mwahahaha! Don’t worry the professional and friendly voices are saved for the business and education projects. Let me be your voice of choice and we’ll make something spectacular together, so great Elon will send it up on the next rocket!

“Ad Astra Abyssosque! Welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild ”

                                                                                                                        ~ Katheryne

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Ahmed, Director, TV India 

"Perfect in every way. I will definitely work again with Tanis for future projects. Thank you so much for the quick delivery and awesome voice over."
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