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Character Voice Acting

Some tend to lump Character Voice Acting into one but I have separated them out for you.  There are different facets to each that make them require different special skills and techniques from type of  delivery to timing and intonation.

Game character

Video Games are the bulk of what I do. I take your character description, bio, pictures and storyboards along with your script and become the character you need.  Adding my voice and imagination to your team gives your characters a voice all their own.

Cartoons in the Air

From 3d animated series to 2d and even anime itself, this category has a lot to offer. A lot of my training goes into this medium and into the development of your character's traits, voice and style.  The techniques and energy involved are completely different in development.

Image by Yassine Khalfalli

ADR =  Automated Dialogue Replacement

DUB= Revoicing ex: localization

Mocap: Motion capture (also: mo-cap)

Localization: replace spoken words