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Educational Voice Overs

Streamline Your Training Programs with Expert
Educational Voice Overs

Simplifying your training program narration in-house might seem tempting—perhaps even cost-effective. However, if your content isn't resonating with your staff or students, is it truly achieving its intended impact?

For vital components like intake courses, sales training modules, instructional programs, benefits guides, compliance training, or HR initiatives, entrust them to a seasoned human professional. I specialize in delivering eLearning voice overs that not only captivate your audience but also make the training experience genuinely enjoyable.

Why settle for an ordinary approach when you can elevate your training materials to a higher standard? Whether your goal is to educate, inspire, or ensure compliance, partnering with an experienced voice talent ensures that your content is not only heard but comprehended and enjoyed.


Stress free, Efficient Turn Around, Budgeting Made for You —because learning should be effortless and impactful!

British UK RP Elearning Voiceover

eLearning, Tutorials, Training Modules

I will record your E-Learning corporate tutorial, training, ESL videos, or modules in standard American, Canadian or British RP English.


YOU CHOOSE THE STYLE: warm, natural, informative, friendly, formal, knowledgeable, professional, articulate, corporate, confident.


How to order?

  1. WORD COUNT:  Input number of words in your project to calculate the base rate for a total. Will you need any extras like editing and file separation?

  2. TURNAROUND: 24-hour or less for projects up to 1000 words daily.

  3. I often deliver in less than 12 hours depending on time of day, other projects before you. 

Remember I am in the MST time zone when ordering so we can work efficiently together.


Feel free to message me to ask any questions or get a free custom quote. I am more than happy to help you.


** Please note this is not for AI or Speech synthesis.  **

Let’s make it a super simple process to get your voice over done today.  Put my voice to work on your training course narration, creating that promotion for your television, radio or internet commercial, engaging the world with your story or getting that wack character a fitting voice today!  Whether it's a pulse-pounding game, a plot-twisting animation, a polyglot localization, a show-stopping commercial, employee enlightenment, or a brand story extravaganza, I'm here to be an integral part of  your team.

Let's Talk About Your Project!

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Providing Intelligent and Engaging Educational Voiceovers

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