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Elearning, Training, Educational Narration - RAW

I will record your E-Learning corporate tutorial, training, ESL videos, or modules in standard American, Canadian, English neutral, or British English.


YOU CHOOSE THE STYLE: warm, natural, informative, friendly, formal, knowledgeable, professional, articulate, corporate, confident.


How to order?

  1. Input your word count to calculate the base rate for your elearning voiceover at .15 CAD per word RAW Audio
  2. Options: Check to see if you'll need any of the extras I offer such as editing, file splitting or processing
  3. Choose Delivery option: 24-hour or less delivery for projects up to 1000 words.
    I often deliver in less than 12 hours depending on time of day, #of other projects in que etc.

Feel free to message me to say hello, ask any questions or get a free custom quote. I am more than happy to help you.

For E-learning there are three price rates I offer:

  • Raw audio @0.15 CAD /
  • edited audio @0.30 CAD / per word
  • edited audio with files creation  @ 0.50 CAD/ per word

The minimum order amount is $250 (CAD)

If you prefer a Per Finished Minute Pricing =  $30.00 CAD

If you your project contains more words then purchase up to your word count in raw and add on your editing or editing and files creation to get your total.

Elearning, Training, Educational Narration - RAW

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消費税抜き |
  • **Please note this is not for AI or Speech synthesis of any kind.***

    Usage/Royalties: Usage/royalties are included for eLearning and tutorial products that are not for for retail. They are for in house and in facility use only. If your production is for resale, Usage fee is paid on a 1 year continuous sales usage contract.

  • Files are sent to you digitally via a private link or via WeTransfer direct to your inbox.

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