Need a live announcer or ‘Voice of God’ at your next event, conference, awards night, gala, corporate function? Then you are in the right place. Tanis is very happy to lend her vocal intonations and skills and be your Voice of God – dess for your event!

What is a Voice of God Voice over Service?

Your Voice of God is a PA system or event announcement voiceover that your attendees hear but don’t see. It’s not like the show host on stage. The voice range includes warm, inviting, commanding, prompting or impartial to really energetic and attention grabbing.

Uses for Voice of God can be:

  • Welcoming Attendees to Your Event
  • Announcing it is time to break or resume the show and return to their seats
  • Introduce the nominees for an award
  • Introduce the host and/or special guests

Announcer For Local Events & Small Businesses

Are you planning a local event such as:

  • a corporate award ceremony?
  • a community recognition night?
  • a chamber of commerce gala?
  • an academic graduation?
  • a local/regional/national sporting event?

Tanis is passionate about lending her voice to causes that benefit our world in positive ways.

If you’re looking to add a polished, professional touch that makes your event shine, get in touch with Tanis today. The addition of a professional voiceover talent is sure to make your event rise above the rest this year and be the one to remember.

Live Event Announcer

Concert set up with voice of god announcer voiceovers event
Photo by Teddy Yang

Live Announcers come to your event to make your announcements in ‘real time’, as it were. Your emcee might trip and slip up over your list of awards and their nominee names which makes them sweat bullets in front of your audience. But this is normal and all in a day’s work for a professional live event announcer in Voiceover.

Hiring a professional Voice Talent to live announce your event, or even pre-record, means you don’t need to worry about them making mistakes that distract from the amazing energy and momentum of your big night. 

So Make The Easy Choice!

Tanis makes it easy to hire her as your pre-recorded or live event announcer. Whether it’s a corporate presentation night, awards show, gala or music show, she will make sure her voice sounds amazing for the atmosphere of your show.

You may hear this voice actor for several hours, especially if they’re announcing award nominees and winners! Tanis’s even tone and stately sound will match your red carpet event to perfection.

If you’d like to discuss your event needs further or get a free quote today for your live event, fill out the form below and let’s make your night spectacular!

Female voice Talent Tanis
Your Voice of God – dess / Event Announcer Voice Talent

Multiple Languages and Accents

Providing all the voice styles you need in one place, right here. Just ask. Get started by using our contact form here now.

  • Male and Female Voices available in multiple languages
  • Canadian, American, UK and British Accents
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German
  • French
    • and more….