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The base price includes 9,000 words (1 finished hour) before you choose your options.
(Your first hour of audio is at a discount as a thank-you for teaming with me as your narrator)

Please select one 9,000 word option until you reach your books total word count. Then choose your option such as sound effects and duo male and female narrators.



  1. Per Finished Hour
  2. Voice acting for characters
  3. ACX / Audible standards or your chosen format
  4. Retail sample
  5. Opening and closing credits

You can look forward to:

  • Crisp, clean, clear audiobook narration with no extra noises
  • Performance of your production not bland reading
  • male and female professional voice actors voicing your novels characters (optional add on)
  • High quality .mp3 or .wav
  • Audio edited and mastered to Audible / ACX standard by professional audio engineer
  • Sound FX and music (optional add on)

How Easy is it?

STEP 1: Questions: Send me your script, word count, deadline, characters description, accents, pronunciation guide.
No questions – go to Step 2.

STEP 2: Place your order: enter word count and options required, payment

STEP 3: I get to work & send first chapter for review. Once approved remainder is voiced.

STEP 4: Audiobook completed SUCCESS!! Onto the next one

Any script up to 50,000 can be completed in 2-3 weeks depending on options required; please contact me for any script over that word count before ordering.

Don’t just take my word for it on the quality. Take a listen for yourself dear author to the demos provided above. Don’t see your niche? That’s ok. Ask me for a free demo of your novel.

Let’s get your amazing new audiobook completed and into the ears of your fans. Contact me or place your order now to get started today.

How do you come to this cost?

Creating an audiobook is a work of love and a lot of hard work. In order to determine the man hours to complete your book, we would need to multiply the estimated finished time by 5 - 7 in order to determine the amount of hours it will take to actually produce your book. If your audiobook is estimated at 7 hours, it would require 35 - 49 hours for me to record and then for the audio engineers to meticulously edit it to perfection and ACX / Audible / Findaway standards.

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