Duo Narration

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Two narrators, one male and one female, for your audiobook production.

This can be both narrating and voicing the roles: ie: male narrator + male characters / female narrator + female characters for duo POV projects


Female narrator and voice actress with male voicing male character roles


male narrator and voice actor with female voicing female roles


  1. Per hour narration
  2. Voice acting for characters
  3. sound effects / music
  4. ACX / Audible standards or your chosen format
  5. Retail sample
  6. Opening and closing credits

How do you come to this cost?

Creating an audiobook is a work of love and a lot of hard work. In order to determine the man hours to complete your book, we would need to multiply the estimated finished time by 5 - 7 in order to determine the amount of hours it will take to actually produce your book. If your audiobook is estimated at 7 hours, it would require 35 - 49 hours for me to record and then for the audio engineers to meticulously edit it to perfection and ACX / Audible / Findaway standards.

So, you are not only hiring two narrators for all these hours, you are also hiring our audio engineers who will professionally master your files in our studio. This fee covers all of us. Isn't your book worth having the best professionals working on it and your peace of mind in knowing that your book at the end will be better than your competition?

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