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Full sound, ambience of the scene example: night sounds, horses galloping, walking in the woods, doors opening and closing, owls hooting, water running. What is your choice? What's in your podcast or audiobook that we can design sound into it for you to engage  your  listener in an even greater way, bringing your production into an amazing cocophiny of narration, acting and sound?  


Weither you want only simple designs ie: sound effect of person talking on a radio, sounds come from far way, telephone ringing or full on sound design like a motion picture production, we have you covered.


We can mix and master your podcast or audiobook with a mix of music tracks, sound effects and ambience sounds.  How? We can create them specifically for your production or obtain them for you from our libraries.


You are in full control of how much or how little sound you would like.


Don't want sounds just need your audiofiles mix, mastered and balanced for upload to your audience? We can do that too. 


Please note price shown is per hourly basis.


Work Samples here:


Audio Production and Sound Design

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  • upload to your own private location to obtain.

    Alternatively, we can send them to you in a zipped file via WeTransfer.

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