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Animation Voiceovers

Hey there, fellow creators of the animated wonderland! Picture this: I'm basically a human-shaped confetti cannon of passion for all things animation, anime, and everything kid-related. Oh, and spoiler alert: I'm a certified, card-carrying member of the "Forever a Kid at Heart" club. 🎉

Let's talk energy – the kind that's wilder than a sugar-rushed squirrel on a rollercoaster. Yep, that's me, and I channel it all into voicing animated series characters just for you! Think of me as your go-to source for anime voice magic that can swing from "wild takes" to "dubbing delights" with a sprinkle of ADR wizardry.

Need a dash of kiddo flair? I've got boy, girl, and adult voices up my vocal sleeves. It's like having a one-stop voice emporium for your next animated extravaganza! Imagine, my voice bringing your characters to life with so much pizzazz, even the pixels will cheer.

So, your creative animation architects, let's embark on this wacky, whimsical journey together. Unleash the voices, cue the laughter, and let the animated magic unfold! 🎤🎨🎬

Image by Dex Ezekiel

Easy as1-2-3, Magic 

Are you itching to let your message burst forth like confetti in the ears of your audience? Got a tale that's been tapping its foot impatiently, waiting for its moment in the spotlight? Or maybe a course that's whispering, "Narrate me!"? And let's not forget that video game or animation character who's in dire need of a voice with a splash of attitude. Whether it's a pulse-pounding game, a plot-twisting animation, a polyglot localization, a show-stopping commercial, employee enlightenment, or a brand story extravaganza, I'm the wizard who turns getting a voice over into a spell as easy as saying 1-2-3! 🎙️🪄

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