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Animation Voiceovers

Hey there, fellow creators! Picture this: I'm basically a human-shaped ball of passion for animation, games and anime. Oh, and spoiler alert: I'm a certified, card-carrying member of the "Forever a Kid at Heart" club. 🎉

Let's talk energy – the kind that's wilder than a sugar-rushed Ryan Reynolds on a roller coaster. Yep, that's me, and I channel it all into voicing your animated series' characters for you! Think of me as your go-to partner for your animated character's voice artistry. Weither you need wild takes, Dubbing, ADR or live sessions, I'm your voice talent.

I've got boy, girl, and adult voices up my sleeves. It's like having a talent voice emporium for your next animated feature or short! Imagine, my voice(s), your characters.... even the pixels will cheer.

So, you creative animation architects, let's embark on this wacky, whimsical journey together. Unleash the voices, cue the adventures!

Image by Dex Ezekiel