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Elearning Voice Overs

Ladies and gentlemen of the educational realm and corporate cosmos, brace yourselves for the epic tale of eLearning voiceovers – where booking is as easier than winning a game of rock-paper-scissors!

Now, imagine this: you call upon Pam from the front office to narrate your training which feels as cozy as getting a hug from a teddy bear. But hold onto your lesson plans! If your troops and scholars are snoozing through it, is it really hitting the mark, will they get a pass?

Introducing your super Voice Talent hero solution: from intake courses to sales sorcery, from instructional enigmas in English for children and adults to benefits bonanzas – all rolled into the hands of an experienced e-learning voice artist maestro.  Your new results? Engaged minds that groove to the rhythm of learning and actually enjoy the process! Yes, you heard that right – even the mundane safety and compliance stuff will get an applause-worthy makeover.

Prepare to trade in your educational juggling balls for ease, as eLearning voiceovers become as effortless as sipping a cup of virtual coffee.

Punctuality? You got it. Budget bliss? Absolutely. Hassle factor? Virtually non-existent.


So, esteemed educators and savvy corporate captains, let's embark on this eLearning module production escapade together! With me, your voice magician, your content will sparkle like a disco ball at a learning fiesta. 🎙️📚🎉

British UK RP Elearning Voiceover

eLearning, Tutorials, Training Modules

I will record your E-Learning corporate tutorial, training, ESL videos, or modules in standard American, Canadian or British RP English.


YOU CHOOSE THE STYLE: warm, natural, informative, friendly, formal, knowledgeable, professional, articulate, corporate, confident.


How to order?

  1. WORD COUNT:  Input number of words in your project to calculate the base rate for a total. Will you need any extras like editing and file separation?

  2. TURNAROUND: 24-hour or less for projects up to 1000 words daily.

  3. I often deliver in less than 12 hours depending on time of day, other projects before you. 

Remember I am in the MST time zone when ordering.


Feel free to message me to say hello, ask any questions or get a free custom quote. I am more than happy to help you.


** Please note this is not for AI or Speech synthesis of any kind and you will be sent an AI Raider to agree to before working together ***

Easy as1-2-3, Magic 

Are you itching to let your message burst forth like confetti in the ears of your audience? Got a tale that's been tapping its foot impatiently, waiting for its moment in the spotlight? Or maybe a course that's whispering, "Narrate me!"? And let's not forget that video game or animation character who's in dire need of a voice with a splash of attitude. Whether it's a pulse-pounding game, a plot-twisting animation, a polyglot localization, a show-stopping commercial, employee enlightenment, or a brand story extravaganza, I'm the wizard who turns getting a voice over into a spell as easy as saying 1-2-3! 🎙️🪄

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