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You need an Explainer Video or Whiteboard Animation?

You've just created an amazing product, service, or brand and it's screaming to be heard. But how?

Should you go with a classic "girl-next-door" charm? Or a dash of nostalgic whimsy? Straight up corporate or maybe a voice that's smooth like butter, making boardroom execs nod in approval?  Look out Elon!

Imagine this for your project:  fair voice over rates, easy to work with talent, audio that could give a TED Talk, and speedier turnarounds than a cheetah chasing an gazelle.

Don't delay any longer – let's whisk your audience into your brand's adventure and engaging with you now. Your product, a legend; your service, an epic saga; your brand, a blockbuster – all through the enchantment of  the real human voice!

Explainer Videos Voiced from A-Z

Explainer and Whiteboard Videos have got to be one of if not the coolest way to unveil your product, service, or tell your brand's journey ! These pint-sized powerhouses are like the superhero capes of brand storytelling, and guess what? I'm your trusty voice artist who makes them pop!

Picture this: I'm the voice behind hundreds of these mini masterpieces, heard around the globe. Whether you're aiming for the conversational, relatable friend vibe or want that suit-and-tie pro touch or an excited and engaging voice, I'm your go-to talented team member, who's got your back.

Oh, the waiting game? Not my style! I'll whip up your voice over quicker than a sneeze in a tornado – often within 24 hours, sometimes even as fast as a sugar rush!

And remember the hassle of audition overload? Say goodbye to that nightmare! With me, you've got a trustworthy, reliable, and oh-so-professional human voice over artist by your side.

So, let's cut through the noise, shall we? I'm here to bring your vision to fruition. Your satisfaction and success is my quest !  Contact me today and let's get started tell your brands story to the world!

Let's Talk Explainer and Whiteboard Videos

Let’s make it a super simple process to get your voice over done today.  Put my voice to work on your training course narration, creating that promotion for your television, radio or internet commercial, engaging the world with your story or getting that wack character a fitting voice today!  Whether it's a pulse-pounding game, a plot-twisting animation, a polyglot localization, a show-stopping commercial, employee enlightenment, or a brand story extravaganza, I'm here to be an integral part of  your team.

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