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A Born Voice Over Artist

From the moment I unleashed my vocal prowess, I've been captivating audiences both grand and petite. From the cozy enclave of my parental abode to bustling digital realms, I've been weaving verbal magic for eons, and trust me, I'm absolutely enchanted by it. I proudly don the mantle of a passionately honed Voice Over Artist, a maestro of the mic, and I've been gracing this wondrous realm since 2001. I stand poised by the microphone, ready to harmonize with you and your band of adventurers.

In a realm far from mundane, I'm kin to the VA Studio Pup, the illustrious Princess Bella, Razor's eminent four-legged companion. Believe it or not, she's a gaming aficionado too! A mere 2 pounds of ferocity, with a heart as vast as a wolf's, she reigns supreme in her treasured video game realm. We're practically soulmates, or should I say, she's my Paimon-like partner in crime, ha-ha!

When I'm not conjuring voices within the voice booth or gallivanting at the dog park, you'll find me channeling my inner digital hero on Twitch. Behold, a streamer of delightful diversions, with my flagship expedition being none other than Genshin Impact, the creation of the esteemed Hoyoverse, Mihoyo. I've staked my claim as a Geo enthusiast, voicing lines left unattended like a vigilant guardian. One fated sunrise, I shall grace the game itself with my dulcet tones! That's my quest, inscribed in destiny's scrolls!

Ad Astra Abyssosque, fellow travelers of Teyvat, as the winds of fate steer you ever onward. And remember, in the wise words of our beloved Jean, "Keep Mondstadt's peace, traveler."


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Ahmed, Director, TV India 

"Perfect in every way. I will definitely work again with Tanis for future projects. Thank you so much for the quick delivery and awesome voice over."
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